Yog1 is a fantastic place to stay on the banks of the holy Ganga. It has a lovely and mountain view all around it. It is well-equipped with a kitchen, dining hall, garden, temple, yoga hall, Dhyan Kutir, spa, aircon, hot water, and basic utilities, making it an ideal spot to rest and unwind in fresh air.

  • Unmarried couples allowed
  • Bachelors allowed
  • Free parking
  • WiFi/internet available
  • Power backup
  • Outside food allowed

A wonderful spot to visit and practise Yoga and Meditation. Yog1 is located in the centre of Rishikesh, close to the market. All rooms are recently built, with great views and theme artwork that match the environment. A Dhyan Kutir is available for meditation and serenity. The Lord Shiva temple has a holy air all around it. The Dining Hall features a well-equipped sitting space, as well as satvik vegetarian food, which is served as such.
Aastha Path, Triveni Ghat, Janki Setu, Tapowan, Govindam Temple, and other nearby attractions include: The bus stop is only about 1.5 kilometres away and has all public transportation options.

  • Prices may vary according to the seasons.
  • Yogone Ashram

    Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

    Language: english

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    YoG1 is a Great Place to stay on Banks of Holi River Ganga, Mountain View, It is well equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, Sound System, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Garden, Temple, Yoga Hall, Dhayan Kutir, Spa, Attached Rooms. AC, Hot Water a perfect Place to Relax and unwind in pure Air. A Wonderful Place To Stay and Do Yoga and Meditation. If you are coming to Rishikesh for Yoga, Dhayan, Family, Pilgrimage, Adventure Trip, YoG1 is the best place to stay, it is in the heart of the City and on banks of River Ganga and market nearby. All rooms are good newly made and have nice views, paintings are made in all rooms. Dhayan hut for meditation in peace. Lord Shiva Temple, warship at peace. Dining room with sitting and serving counter with great sattvic vegetarian food.
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