Ramesh Nambiar

Ramesh Nambiar

New Delhi, Delhi

Language: english

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Ramesh Nambiar is a graduate from Nizam College Hyderabad and an M Phil Masters from School of International Studies at JNU in New Delhi. His dissertation topic " Water as an Element in the politics of the sub-continent"is never more relevant than now! Professional career began with Tiger Mountan in Kashmir/Ladakh in 1989 .Over the last 30 years he has organised and lead over 300 trips in the Indian sub-continent for guests from the all 5 continents.He has served as line Producer for 3 foreign TV channels in India, namely BNN VARA, DOKOMO Media, SBS SEOUL. Some of his past guiding assignments & film projects include such as DIscovery Channel's " Queen of the Elephants" with Mark Shand & Parbati Barua, Italian Television Program " Himalaya the Third Pole" with Brando Qulici, NHK Japan on Tigers - Bandhavgarh, Hollywood films recee for "Seven Years In Tibet" and "Kundun" with Jean Jacques Annaud and Martin Scorcese's team in Ladakh. Fashion Shoots includes Kate Moss etc. You will certainly enjoy his lovely demeanor, rich knowledge and superior story telling!

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