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    Why Kailash Yatra

    Kailash Mansarovar Yatra requires complete dedication and faith towards the lord. Spirituality evolves a mortal being into a nice personality. It is a pilgrimage tour designed for ensuring a better aftermath life in heaven. In Hinduism, spirituality is celebrated all the times. One always follows the path of spirituality to cleanse the committed sins. Kailash Yatra offers such mental peace that is hard to experience in real life. Kailash Yatra is the journey of faith of an individual. In this journey, a connection with divinity is established. In Hindu religious scriptures, Mt. Kailash is described as the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Mt. Kailash is a sanctified space where one has to be pure in soul. One travels to this pristine land to catch the glimpse of grandeur manifestation of Lord Shiva. Kailash Yatra comprises of two parikramas, one around Mt. Kailash and one around Lake Mansarovar. Before stepping in the holy sanctum of Mt. Kailash one cherishes to purify his soul by taking a dip in the holy water of the lake. Unlike other adventure trails, this arduous pilgrimage tour brings the pilgrims close to the almighty. The pilgrims take this tour in search of that spiritual energy. In Hinduism, the idea of moksha is widely celebrated.

     Significance of Pilgrimage tour 

    The real meaning of the word Pilgrimage is a sacred journey. The main purpose of such a journey is to encounter the divine power. One takes pilgrimage tour is in search of inner peace. In life, one needs guidance to follow the path of righteousness. Divine power always helps the aimless souls to achieve the goal. The integral point of pilgrimage tour is to confront spiritual perception. The divine power appears in front of the devotees in a different manifestation. One takes a pilgrimage tour to reinforce the eternal meaning of life and its purpose. One finds solace in divinity after losing aim in the course of life. We all are the cog of the cycle of birth and death. In Hinduism, it is believed god can be achieved only when one renounces worldly pleasure. In the path of darkness, one loses real identity through pilgrimage tour one reclaims own self. One tries to get freedom from the shackles of samsara to encounter the beauty of divinity. Kailash Yatra establishes a cosmic connection with God. It is the tour of sacred revelation. To reach the pristine land of Mt. Kailash, one takes the route of Nepal. This pilgrimage tour achieves completeness when the pilgrims visit the holy sites of Nepal as well. So while going for Kailash Yatra, one gets the opportunity to encounter the Supreme Vision. The soul surrenders to the lord in search of inner peace. One takes voluntary austerities to relieve themselves from Karma. As per the laws of nature, one faces consequences in terms of vices and virtues. In the pilgrimage tour, one goes through self-penance to evolve the soul in a positive way. NTP ensures

    Religious Significance of Mt. Kailash 

    In Asia, Mt. Kailash is one of the sacred lands for offering prayers. One can access the mountainous terrains of Mt. Kailash only through treacherous hikes. Its unique shape shows its majestic qualities with sides pointing towards main cardinal directions. In Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, Mt. Kailash is the worldly manifestation of Mt. Sumeru. It is the central axis of the universe. The top of Mt. Kailash is believed to the central point of fixation for cosmos rotation. In Hindu pantheon, Lord Shiva stays there with his consort Parvati and divine vehicle nandi. In Buddhism, Demchong, the tantric god is worshiped in the holy lands of Mt. Kailash. According to Bon mythology, Shenrab, profound founder of the Bon religion came to Mt. Kailash directly from heaven. The followers of Bon also believe Mt. Kailash is a swastika-shaped nine storied mountains which is a complete site of spiritual power. It is the source of four main life-giving rivers like Karnali, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, and Indus. As per the course of the river, the world is divided into four regions.

    Like religious figurines like Shiva, Rishabhadev, Agyastyamuni all chose Mt. Kailash as the pristine location to preserve their symbolism of work. The world of mysticism always allures the common man with its magical realism. Everyone wants to explore this world of mysticism but very few can access. Mt. Kailash has located in such a treacherous route one lose hope to complete the trekking. Only the committed devotees can accomplish this pilgrimage tour to establish the soul connection with the divinity. The very idea of the trek around Mt Kailash is a kind of achievement of own self. It is the journey of self-discovery. In the course of the journey, you will start revealing your own identity. You will be subjected to arduous trek to know yourself better. It is an evolutionary process where the pilgrims metamorphose physically and mentally.

     The cycle of Karma and Moksha 

    In the branch of philosophy, the human soul is the source of all our wishes and desire. The human soul takes shape under the influence of emotions and desire. If the human mind gets associated with little things then it gets entangled in the maze of desire. In search of happiness, human souls become engaged with actions. Karma is what we mean actions that can either good or bad. As per committed karma, one faces consequences. Consciously or unconsciously human soul becomes an integral part of this karma. So karma is a celebrated concept among the mortals to achieve reward or punishment. What one achieves in life that is the definition of pure karma. When spiritual thinkers suggest of renouncing worldly pleasure they advise to follow the path of righteousness. Human life is all about the continuous process of metamorphosis. So through Kailash yatra, one re-establishes the eternal relationship with the lord. In front of Kailash, everyone becomes a mere entity of mortality.

  • Additional Information

    Day 01: Arrival at Lucknow and then drive to Nepalgunj

    Meal: Lunch and Dinner

    After reaching the city of nawabs of Lucknow, you will be driving to Nepalgunj. If you are traveling from any part of India or abroad, then you can explore the beautiful city of Lucknow. From here you will cover a distance of 225kms in 5 hrs. After checking into the hotel, our representative will brief the itinerary of the whole tour. Nepalgunj is a small city built upon Karnali River. Stay overnight at Nepalgunj.
    Day 02: Simikot then Hilsa and finally drive to Taklakot

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

    After early breakfast, you will be boarding a flight to Simikot. If you are an ardent lover of nature, then you will definitely love your 45 minutes flight to Simikot. The airport of Simikot is located at higher altitude with a relatively short runway. You will be boarding Dornier helicopters with STOL characteristics. These small helicopters will have a seating arrangement for 16-20 passengers. It is necessary to carry minimum requirements during your trip to Kailash Mansarovar.
    You will be flying across beautiful topography. The mountains will allure you to explore more. After landing, you will find small town settlement across the airport. From Simikot you will be a boarding helicopter to Hilsa. It is a 20minutes flight. From this time onwards, you will be stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be crossing the border here as a whole group. We arrange group departure for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Here, you will meet the Tibetan crew and drive to Taklakot. This region falls under the Tibetan Autonomous Region (China). It developed on the beautiful valley of Sarayu Karnali river. From Hilsa you will take around 1hour to reach Taklakot. Earlier this town was used for the trading purpose. In Taklakot, a modern day complex is under construction. On the way, if you have enough time then you can visit the crematoria of Zorab Singh, the then senapati of the king of Kashmir. There is a temple as well nearby called Khojarnath temple. As per archaeologists, this temple is more than 800 years old. Now it has become an important post in Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. You can roam around the town for adapting the extreme weather conditions and mountainous terrains. Stay overnight in Taklakot.
    Day 03: Acclimatization Day

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

    In Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, acclimatization day is required to understand the strenuous features in further trekking towards Mt. Kailash. In this pilgrimage tour, one has to acclimatize physically and mentally to complete the parikrama around Mt. Kailash. Many tourists cannot adopt the high altitude easily during Kailash Yatra. This acclimatization day is to keep the body and soul of the tourist’s ideal for the upcoming stretch of the trip. You will stay overnight at Taklakot.
    Day 04: Taklakot to Lake Mansarovar

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

    Today early in the morning you will be driving to Lake Mansarovar. You will be getting the sight of the lake and Mt. Kailash for the first time. Mt. Kailash is believed to be the pristine location. One steps into this holy land to secure mental peace. This journey is all about self-revelation. Impurities of soul and body can be cleaned off by taking a bath in Lake Mansarovar. The holy water of the lake is believed to be remedial of sin. The pilgrims perform ceremonial rituals on the shores of the lake addressing the souls of ancestors.

    Day 05: Drive to Darchen and Then Yamdwar and Trek till Dhiraphuk

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

    Today early in the morning you will be going to take holy dip in the fresh water of Lake Mansarovar. Before stepping into the holy mountainous terrains, the pilgrims rinse off impurities by taking bath. Many perform ceremonial rituals on the shore of the lake dedicating to the souls of ancestors. Our representative will arrange tent for bathing purpose near the shore of the lake. After breakfast, you will be driving to Darchen. It is a small village located in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. This place is the base camp for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. This beautiful village is now home for Tibetan pilgrims. This village is also helpful for nomads for grazing of sheep. From today onwards you will be engaging in parikrama across Mt. Kailash.

    Day 06: Dhiraphuk to Zuthulphuk

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

    Today you will be going out of your comfort zone. You will be trekking for 22kms today to reach Zuthulphuk. It is one of the most strenuous treks. One has to walk through deep layers of snow. The sharpness of stones is really scary for the pilgrims. Without proper guidance of sherpas, it will be very difficult to trek. At times you will feel hopeless in completing the trek. Stay overnight at Zuthulphuk.

    Day 07: Trek back till Darchen and drive back to Taklakot

    Meal: Breakfast , Lunch and dinner

    Today you are in the last stretch of your journey. You will be trekking from Zuthulphuk to Darchen covering a distance of 8-10kms. You will need around 4hours to complete this trek. Mostly in this entire trek, you need a professional guide to know about the trekking route. The sharpness of stones, covered snow, and the relentless journey will make you exhausted. At times you will lose hope in completing the trek. Your inner strength and complete devotion towards god will provide you accomplishment in your journey. Stay overnight at Taklakot.

    Day 08: Departure

    Meal: Breakfast / Lunch

    Today is the last day of your Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. The entire day will be passed in the journey as you will be covering a long distance. Early in the morning, you will be walking back to Hilsa. Here you will have to complete your immigration formalities as a group. After immigration process, you will be boarding flight to Simikot. After reaching Simikot, you will again be flying back to Nepalgunj. You will be driving back to Lucknow.

  • What to Expect

    Food Services:

    When the pilgrims take the journey to the Kailash Mansarovar yatra, then they want pure veg food facility even in the distant land. We take care of such intricate details of our clients. In the detailed tour itinerary, we provide the clients with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We send our own Maharaj (Indian cook) along with helper to give the taste of homely delicacies to our clients even in such alien land. Many pilgrims are quite unaware of the hygiene of food items. We never compromise with food services. Due to extreme climatic conditions, many face gastrointestinal issues, so we want our clients to enjoy every moment in the spiritual journey. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra involves a complete reincarnation of the body and soul of an individual. Every year, the pilgrims take this journey to rinse off the committed sins and take the path of complete liberation. We provide pure veg food (without onion garlic) to our tourists because we know this journey is a complete metamorphosis of an individual. We do not want to compromise with our kitchen services as our clients take an important role in our tourism business.
    Price Includes:

    • One night hotel in Nepalgunj on twin sharing with vegetarian meals (twin sharing)
    • Necessary arrival / departure transfers in Nepalgunj (very normal vehicle available here)
    • Lucknow- Nepalgunj- Lucknow transfers
    • Nepalgunj- Simikot- Nepalgunj air ticket (fixed wing- Twin otter aircraft OR Dronier)
    • Simikot- Hilsa- Simikot by Helicopter (only 5 or 6 persons 06 kg baggage per passneger)
    • Domestic airport taxes (all sectors)
    • Tibet group visa and travel/trekking permits
    • Guesthouse in Tibet
    • Indian vegetarian meals during the tour in Tibet (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
    • Transportation in Tibet by Bus
    • Tour around Lake Manasarovar on green vehicle (not the vehicle the we take from Taklakot)
    • English speaking Tibetan guide
    • Tour Manager
    • Necessary supporting crew (Cook, Sherpas from Nepal)
    • All necessary Kitchen & camping equipment
    • Yaks & Yak men during the Parikrama to carry foods and baggage ONLY
    • Oxygen for emergency use
    • Medical kit bag / First Aid kit
    • Humla region restricted area permit & royalties (US $ 40 per person or equivalent)
    • All applicable taxes & service charges

    Price Excludes:

    • Riding Horse during the Parikrama
    • Your travel insurance
    • Insurance for emergency rescue & evacuation (helicopter cost, hospital bill, vehicle bill etc.)
    • Personal expenses & bottled drinks
    • Tip for guide & driver
    • Extra accommodation charge in Nepalgunj, Simikot and Hilsa, if the flight cancelled due to bad weather condition
    • Any additional cost due to natural calamity and unforeseen circumstances
    • Porter and Yak/Pony during the Kailash Parikrama 


    • Duffle Bag
    • Cap
    • Jacket
    • Carry Bag
    • Yatra Certificate
  • Fine Prints
    • Duration: 07 Nights / 08 Days Tour
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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by helicopter from Lucknow

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