FAQs when considering LastClues for selling your services

  • Overview

    Can you provide unforgettable activities for our customers? Interested in selling on LastClues? Discover more about becoming a ‘Cluesader’ here.

    • Simple to use dashboard

      LastClues partner dashboard designed for you to manage your listings, customer messaging and keep a track of your all you bookings.

    • Marketing and promotions

      Our ideology is 'Your Growth is Our Growth' based on this ideology our marketing campaigns are mostly around the activity you create. As an activity marketplace we ensure each listing you create attracts more buyers hence on regular intervals we promote category based listings. We not just promote your activity but also gives you free hand to share your complete profile in all social and other mediums

  • Scheduling

    • How many activities I can list on LastClues?

      Being a 'Cluesader' you can create as many as listing you want, there are no limitations. You manage all those listings from your account's Dashboard.

    • How much time does it take to List an activity?

      As a marketplace LastClues is fully automated platform it hardly takes 5 minutes to create your listing. As an advice please keep your photos and content ready.

    • Who can post a review on my listing?

      In this digital age reviews play a major role in buying decisions, on LastClues the person who buy your activity can only write a review. Each review you get improves the rating of activity.

    • I have booked an activity from LastClues what should I do now?

      We have sent you confirmation for your booking Please check your email or message box. Please check your junk and spam just in case. If you still haven’t received confirmation please contact support@lastclues.com for more help.

    • How do I deactivate my listings?

      We’re sorry to hear you no longer wish to sell on LastClues You can deactivate your listings at any time from your account dashboard. You can always reactivate your listings if you wish to sell again in the future.

      Login into your account and click on Your Dashboard.
      Click on the Listings section.
      Click Deactivate on any listing you no longer wish to sell.

      Note: If you have any open orders for these experiences, you’ll still be required to fulfill those orders for the guest. If you face some problem in fulfilling the order, please email us at support@lastclues.com
    • I can't access my account. How do I change the login email?

      If you can’t log in with the existing email on the account, send us an email at support@lastclues.com and we can update the email associated with your account.

    • How do I delete my account and listings?

      To deactivate your listings, go to the Listings section of your account dashboard and press the “Delete” button at the top of activity you no longer want to offer. You have the flexibility to activate and deactivate your listings as you wish. You will only be obligated to complete any pending orders you have before you can leave the platform.
      If you'd like to deactivate your entire account, please email at support@lastclues.com

  • Participate

    • How Do I Sell my activities on LastClues ?

      To start with lastclues.com you need to sign up at www.LastClues/marketplace which takes hardly few minutes. You’ll then be able to create your ‘Cluesader’ Profile and create Listings that you’d like to sell on lastclues.com using our simple steps.

      Upon submitting the profile and listing our moderation team will check all your details. It takes 2-4 business days to complete this process, our team then send you confirmation over your registered email. You can also write to us for any further query at our email support@lastclues.com

    • How can I sign up & sell my products on LastClues?

      First you need to register as a seller on LastClues. To verify your account you get an email from LastClues On boarding team. On successful verification you complete your profile details i.e. About yourself, locations etc. Once you are done with your profile completion you are Good to list your activity. Each activity you create on LastClues takes 24-48 hours of moderation time before it is open for Buyers.

    • Do I need to pay something to join LastClues?

      LastClues is completely Free to join and always be.
      We as a marketplace charge a minimal platform fee % only on successful bookings you receive.

    • What kind of companies and activities are suited for LastClues?

      LastClues is more towards Adventure and Travel activities which are largely suitable for Groups and in some activities for individuals as well. Our Cluesaders mostly are: Adventure activity operators, tour operators, guides, destination management companies.

  • Pricing

    • How will I receive my payment?

      On each successful activity you get the payment immediately from the buyer. We advise you to take the payment (as per the amount shown by buyer on his activity ticket) before you start the activity. In case you have any concern over payment you can call our award-winning seller support team, we will be happy to help you.

    • What is the LastClues cancellation policy?

      We strongly suggest you to go through LastClues' standard Terms & Conditions.