Copyright Policy

LastClues is a marketplace where mostly local suppliers / vendors upload the content and there are set rules and guidelines framed by us so as to prevent the interests of both. Hereby ensuring that the content or information which are not aligned with our terms and conditions have to face our strict and stringent policies .

As a visitor, you are welcome to visit the website but are not allowed to perform, create derivative works from, reproduce or republish in any way whatsoever any content from the website without the prior written consent of the company. You possess the rights to download any content/images/videos that are available for download on the website only for personal and non-commercial use only, and to which there is no copyright infringement issue attached subsequently.

Policy for Vendors/Tour Suppliers/Partners:

  • The content which shall be uploaded on our website should be completely unique i.e. it should not be traced/copied from any other source used for gathering information.
  • The scheduled tour/activity should be controlled by you in entirety** and cannot be outsourced to any other third party. You should possess full rights of any information displayed by you on our website.
  • Any media such as pictures/images/videos/slideshows, etc. uploaded by you/your entity on our website must possess complete ownership on such media. No credits shall be attributed by us if they are used on our website. Further, the sole and entire copyright for such information should be possessed with you. Anything not owned/possessed by you should not be uploaded. In case of violation of this rule, a stringent action shall be taken by us and the consequences will include immediate removal of your tour/activity from the website to the extent that you can be forever banned from being a supplier with us.
  • The uploaded images/videos/slideshows of the tour/activity should match with the content describing it. Any mismatch between the two shall result in removal and permanent ban from being a supplier with us. In case of any true claims the company will pass on your details to the copyright claimer. This is subjected to LastClues ’s decision on that matter after its analysis on that issue.
  • If a supplier reports any copyright violation, appropriate actions will be taken within 10 business days.
  • If any copyright claimant reports any infringement of the copyright to the company, the company shall analyze the claim and accordingly will share your details with the claimant. If found guilty, the company shall terminate the contract with the supplier.
  • By listing the tour on our website, you are agreeing to get it displayed on the marketplace (Marketplace includes any other partner website) or to be used for promotional purposes of the company. But, the company prohibits/disapproves listing of the content by you on any other website for initial 3 months from the date of listing made with our website. By uploading or providing details of any tour/activity conducted by you/your company take the entire responsibility of any copyright infringement issues pertaining to that tour/activity. We do a few random checks at our end but the final responsibility will be yours on all the materials provided.
  • Our company does not and shall not own any responsibility for any copyright infringement issues pertaining to the details provided by you for any tour/activity.

Policy For Copyright Claimants:

We have outlined a set policy for the claimants of copyright, in case of any infringement of copyright by our vendors/suppliers/agents.

  • 1. The claimant should send us an email containing all the details of such tour/activity which violates or infringes the copyright of the claimant.
    The claimant, in addition, needs to submit all the proofs of the ownership of such Copyright.
  • When such claim is received by us, we shall forward the same to the concerned vendor/supplier and shall seek explanation to the same. The vendor/supplier needs to reply to us (mandatorily) within seven (7) days of receiving such email. If the reply is satisfactory, we might not take any immediate action. In case, it is not then we will remove such tour/activity from our website and will give another period of seven (7) days to the vendor/supplier to prove his innocence. If during or after this period of seven days, the vendor’s proof of copyright is inconclusive, we shall remove the tour/activity from the website and shall permanently ban that vendor/supplier from being associated with us.
  • In addition to clause 1. above, we also need personal details of the claimant like his email id and contact number so that we can get in touch with them to address their claim.
  • In case the claimant fails to submit proof of the ownership of the copyright in question, we shall not remove the tour/activity from our website.
  • The company has a strict policy while entertaining any report of infringement of copyright. If the copyright in question is infringed by the vendor/supplier, the company shall permanently ban that vendor/supplier from being associated with us either in present or in future and the company owes no responsibility on behalf of such vendor.
    If the claimant makes any false claim or misleading claims regarding infringement of copyright, the company shall and will initiate legal proceedings against such claimant.

Terms of Use:

  • Regarding information/content/images/videos: The vendor/supplier can use only such information/content/images/videos those are:
    • Author’s original creation;
    • For which a license has been acquired or purchased that authorizes its legal use in the manner prescribed.
  • The vendor/supplier cannot use such information/content/images/videos on the website:
    • Any such work that is a part of property owned or managed by Government/any Government agency/ Military.
    • Any such work created on a location on which there is a prohibition of use.
    • Any such work, in general, for which you do not possess an express permission to use or perform.

Important Note:

  • LastClues holds the right to edit/delete any content from the website at any point of time at the behest of company and its decision shall be binding.
  • The content provided will be watermarked to avoid any piracy issues.
  • The company’s registered office is in Delhi and any legal issues including copyright violations issues, shall be subject to jurisdiction in Courts of Delhi.

**Entirety may be subject to the certain flexibilities like if due to any unforeseeable circumstances the operator will avail services of third party and without the experience of that third party the tour/activity cannot be performed and company has been informed with a substantial prior notice.