Windsurfing is a sport which is played on the surface of the water. People use a modified surfboard with a movable mast in windsurfing. It is a novel mix of surfing and cruising and expects one to have an exact equilibrium so that one can adjust to the changing patterns of wind and water with not much difficulty. Learning to pick the perfect privilege to windsurf on board is critical when figuring out how to windsurf.


  • Surf Board
  • Everyone taking the ride will be given a life jacket for safety purpose.

Things To Carry:

  • Extra Set of Clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming Gear

It’s best to run with a big, stable board with loads of buoyancy when you’re quite a beginner since it will enable you to figure out how to adjust on the water – without falling in at regular intervals. The great thing in windsurfing on the surfboard is that you can pretty much do it independently. Because once you are on the surfboard with a sail, you can be rocking with help initially and then soon you are on your own. For beginners, our trained instructors help you out with the basics. We provide you with the best windsurfing equipment at affordable prices for you to have a pleasant ride.

  • Duration : 2 Hours
  • Good place to visit. Water sports are well. Located near Olaikuda my village. I suggest for all tourist interested in sea view and enjoyment.

    Arul Ranjith Arul Ranjith Feb 22, 2020

    HolyIsland Water

    Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

    Language: english

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    Holy Island Water Sports is indented to meet the entertainment requirement of the local people and the tourist who visit Rameshwaram and it is an ideal destination for adventure water sports.

    It was started in November 2014 and located in sea shore area. It has many recreational activities such as kayak, jet ski, stand up board, windsurfing, snorkeling, coral watching, aquarium and also it has many land games such as trampoline, mini wheel, dora-dora, water ball etc. Holy Island Water Sports believe that excellent service with good customer support will bring success.

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