Bumper ride is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone. It is a small rounded boat on which you sit with a small group of people and is tied behind the speed boat, which is then pulled by it at high speeds, giving riders a feel of flight. The ride is totally safe and is carried out by experienced professionals with all the safety precautions. Bumper ride is fun and captivating ride, in which a round pipe boat is coupled with a rate boat.

As the speed of the boat increases, the bumper pipe jumps on the surface of the standard water. The joy filled shrieks are part and parcel of this ride. To keep you safe we provide life coat, and other safety equipments. It is for the adrenal in adventure loving people who truly like the hysteria and madness associated with this ride.

  • No. of people in the ride: 3Members + 1Guide
  • Everyone taking the ride will be given a life jacket for safety purpose.

Why Choose us:

Safety Standards:
All our boats and equipments are thoroughly checked before providing to our customers for them to have peaceful rides.

Affordable Price:
We always make sure that you pay for what you get & also get for what you pay.

For all the rides, we compulsorily give training and clear instructions about the ride to all our customers for their safety.

Provide Equipments:
We provide all the needed equipments and accessories (eg: Lifeguard) for each and every rides to our customers.

Delightful Expedition:
The adventure sports we offer will surely bring thrill and satisfy all age groups. You will return back with wonderful memories of your vacation trip.

This activity can not be cancelled once booked. We may look for an alternate date if you have some urgency on that particular date.

The fast and the furious speed boats will be a perfect setting for your loved ones to bond. The adrenalin rush you experience when you traverse the waves will leave you overjoyed.

  • It's a 5-10 mins ride
  • HolyIsland Water

    Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

    Language: english

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    Holy Island Water Sports is indented to meet the entertainment requirement of the local people and the tourist who visit Rameshwaram and it is an ideal destination for adventure water sports.

    It was started in November 2014 and located in sea shore area. It has many recreational activities such as kayak, jet ski, stand up board, windsurfing, snorkeling, coral watching, aquarium and also it has many land games such as trampoline, mini wheel, dora-dora, water ball etc. Holy Island Water Sports believe that excellent service with good customer support will bring success.

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