Dare A Jeep Safari in Gir National Park

Dare A Jeep Safari in Gir National Park

Are you fond of lions? Do you dream of looking at the handsome body and the beautiful mane of this magnificent beast of the jungle? Imagine going through the dense roads of the jungle with the expectation that you might meet an Aslan or a Simba in real life. We say that Gir National Park is the perfect place for it and jeep Safari is one of the best means to checkout Gir.
A Jeep Safari provides you the thrill and excitement as the vehicle moves through the wild forest terrain. Spotting an animal from the jeep through the dense jungle is an unmatched experience that everyone should experience once-in-a-lifetime. And if you are lucky enough, you can spot the king of the jungle. Safari rides can be arranged from the forest department and the best time to experience Gir is during dawn and dusk between December and March.

The jeep safari in Gir will provide you with daring and full of heart pumping moments that should not be missed by any wildlife lover. Additionally, you can explore numerous unseen flora and animals like nilgai, chinkara, leopard and hyena along with the famous asiatic lions.

So jungle lovers, do you dare a jeep safari in Gir National Park?

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