Top 15 Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu: For a Trip To the Southern Heart of India

Top 15 Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu: For a Trip To the Southern Heart of India

Top 15 Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu: For a Trip To the Southern Heart of India

The crown jewel of the South, a destination that beckons, indeed, we are talking about Tamil Nadu. If you are familiar with the state’s beauty and history, then you’d want to visit. If you don’t know about the state’s majestic destinations, then let us guide you to the top places to visit in Tamil Nadu. From hill stations to religious towns, there’s plenty to see and plenty to do in this South Indian state.

15 Best Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu

So, here’s our pick of the top places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Since there are a variety of destinations, we’ll try to provide as many as possible. This is not an exhaustive list but only the best from the rest:

• Auroville

      Otherwise known as the City of Dawn, Auroville is an experimental township worth visiting. What makes Auroville unique and interesting is the fact that the city is based on the principles of equality and harmony.

• Kanyakumari

      Experience enchantment when you visit Kanyakumari–the southernmost tip of India. Discover picture-perfect sunsets, full-moon nights, scrumptious coastal cuisine, scenic beaches, waterfalls and monuments.

• Coonoor

      One of the top hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is gradually becoming a relaxation hub for urban dwellers. Capture panoramic views of the Nilgiri Hills and the Catherine Falls while taking in the beauty and charm of this mesmerising destination.

• Vellore

      Also popular as Fort City, Vellore is known for its ancient architecture, historical monuments, and pilgrimage sites. It is one of the most sought-after places in Tamil Nadu. Once home to powerful dynasties like The Pallavas, The Cholas, and the Vijayanagar Kingdom, Vellore is where you get a glimpse of the state’s rich cultural heritage.

• Ooty

      Of course! We don’t doubt Ooty's presence in the list of top places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Mesmerising hills welcome you to open meadows and a soothing, cool environment. The perfect hideaway for summers, Ooty has no shortage of sightseeing destinations–waterfalls, lakes, parks, peaks, and viewpoints.

• Madurai

      Another city steeped in its rich heritage, Madurai’s religious significance and ancient sites is a treat for the eyes and soul. Admire the great architecture, explore the old and new Madurai blending in perfect harmony and enjoy a divine time in this historic city.

• Kotagiri

      Kotagiri is a small but quaint and peaceful town. Find leisure within the breathtaking Nilgiri mountains and enjoy a quintessential hill station experience. Surrounded by tea estates and lush green landscapes, Kotagiri is a paradise for pleasure and adventure seekers. 

• Chennai

      You can’t miss visiting the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Urban dwellers will love visiting Chennai for the variety of attractions it offers. Home to beautiful temples, churches, and beaches, Chennai lets you in on the South Indian lifestyle. For culture, history, and art lovers, this place is a paradise.

• Kodaikanal

      From an urban hub to a mountain retreat, Tamil Nadu’s tourist destinations truly have it all. Kodaikanal’s charming beauty and undulating hills are a nature lover’s dream. From cascading waterfalls to verdure valleys, lakes and meandering rivers, you’ll find no shortage of serenity in the hill town of Kodaikanal.

• Mahabalipuram

      Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is most popularly known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site of 7th- and 8th-century Hindu Group of Monuments. The temples, monuments, and historic sites make Mahabalipuram a must-visit destination for everyone.

• Thanjavur

      Another historic place in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur never ceases to amaze tourists with its age-old beauty. The city is known to harbour many classical musicians, Bharatanatyam dancers, and the famous Tanjore painting style–a cherished art of this place.

• Coimbatore

      Coimbatore is a great place to explore and has everything to leave a lasting impression. Majorly home to the textile industries of India, Coimbatore offers the best of both worlds to tourists. Gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, temples, and museums await you at one of the most amazing places to visit in Tamil Nadu.

• Rameshwaram

      You haven’t visited Tamil Nadu if you haven’t visited Rameshwaram. Situated on Pamban Island, this is one of the most religious places to visit in India. The town is perfect for temple hopping as there is no shortage of temples in Rameshwaram.

• Yercaud

    Yercaud is a splendid and gorgeous hill station to visit in Tamil Nadu. This scenic town is perfect for families seeking recreation as it offers plenty of natural beauty to endure. From lakes to plantations, and hills, explore it all with a visit to Yercaud.
  1. Tiruchirappalli
    Also known as Trichy, it is a fast emerging city perfect for weekend explorations. From temples to churches and other heritage sites, each brings a unique flavour to exploring one of the most historical tourist places in Tamil Nadu.

Did you choose any of the above for your next vacation? These are a few of many places to visit in Tamil Nadu that offer everything a leisure seeker is looking for. If you want to spend some downtime over a Tamil Nadu trip, then don’t forget to bother LastClues. Our experts create the most meaningful and personalised experiences for you to get the best out of your tour. Happy Tripping!