Note the difference between 'Traveler v/s. Wanderer' and mark your expeditions.

Note the difference between 'Traveler v/s. Wanderer' and mark your expeditions.

Note the difference between 'Traveler v/s. Wanderer' and mark your expeditions.

Discussion over the difference between Traveler and Wanderer is going on and on. But no one truly knows what is actually mean. Someone who has a lust to wander and someone who loves to travel; these both points are so different from each other. The people who love to travel can’t be counted as Wanderer unfortunately not a word for travel lover people.

A traveler is one who loves to see the world. Before going out they have set a destination that they want to visit. They care about their comfort zone. They have a goal to go and also endpoint is decided. They set everything from arriving at departure. A traveler loves to wander places but we can’t call them wanderlust. They know where they want to go and which places they want to visits. 
On the other side, if we take a look at Wanderer, they also like travelers and love to visit places but without any ambition or goal. The main goal is just to see what they can and when they can. They don’t have any destination point. They travel with ultimate location points.  The travel has no purpose; they just want to discover new territories.

But still these are not enough to distinct between Traveler and Wanderer. We've put up some points which help you to make out a clear picture of both the term.

1. A traveler only sees sight V/S A wanderer is communicated to locals.

A traveler travels within their comfort zone. They stick with the places they want to visit, mostly major attraction places. They don’t try to go out form their comfortable. They don’t make any effort to talk locals unless they only deal with the people who are traveling with them.

A wanderer is not stuck for their comfort zone. They feel comfortable with people. They try to get close to locals, find out the stories behind the city and local people. Discover unique stories that they can’t find in any book and by any guide. Wanderer knows that the locals are the best recourse to gain knowledge.

2. A traveler is staying in hotels V/S A wanderer stay in camp.

A traveler is do pre-booking of hotels and resorts before going to a destination. This will give them more comfort. They will always prefer to stay in a good location with all the meals and amenities.

But a wanderer not waits for any accommodations. They love to spend a night under the sky with lots of starts and a lovely moon. They stay on their camp or make available to adjust with locals.

3. Traveler dress for style V/S Wanderer dress for comfort.

While traveling to any place, a traveler loves to pack only stylish dresses to look better in pictures. They also need comfort in clothes but they stuck with clothes which give more fashion with comfort.

Now a wanderer always loves to be in comfort in a manner of dressing. They pack what makes them comfort while moving one place to another.

4. Traveler loves delicious food V/S Wanderer loves local cuisines.

While traveling, a traveler is only stuck to food that they familiar with or something related to a chain. On the other side, wanderer loves to eat local cuisines. They taste the local food made by local people and popular among those areas.

5. Traveler uses only their language V/S Wanderer try to learn other languages.

Traveler only speaks their native language. They deal with only those people who can understand their language or if not a little bit try to communicate with a sign.

But a wanderer, you can’t stop them. They try to learn the local language of the place. So it makes easy to communicate with people.

To sum up, a traveler is one who traces the explored segment rather wanderer is one who sparks the exploration. A traveler is sending money to make them comfortable but a wanderer is one who makes their own way.

Hope those above points will make a clear image of the difference between a traveler and a wanderer. Also, if you have something interesting to share something about traveler and wanderer, please comment.