Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your booking request. We strongly advise that you retain a copy of these T&C as well as the booking form for future reference.


  • In these T&C all references to “we”, “us” and “our” refer to LastClues.
  • The terms “you” and “Your” refer to the person who enters into a contract with LastClues for availing the services.
  • Vendor/Operator/Supplier means supplier of any infrastructural facility and shall include airlines, shipping company, railway, ferry, cruise, coach, hotels, caterers, restaurants, museums, theme parks, showrooms, etc. who are to provide the services to the customer.
  • Tour means and includes trip, package, holiday or otherwise inclusive arrangement booked by you.
  • Tour cost means and includes the tour cost mentioned in the Booking form, brochures, website and includes payments such as taxes, surcharges or other fees payable by the client to the company.


  • The inputs and details in the website are as per the available information to us, but we hold no responsibility for any typing errors.
  • We reserve all the right to change any information provided on the website without any intimation.
  • As we reserve the complete right to change any information on the website after your booking due to some unavoidable circumstances, we request you to confirm all the details prior to your commencement of tour by contacting us.


  • We reserve the right to alter, amend, change or modify the itineraries and tour package before or during the tour. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify you about such changes sufficiently in advance during booking or prior to departure of the tour. If such changes occur during the tour, our tour representative will inform you of the changes during the tour and we solicit your full co-operation in accepting such circumstantial changes. Therefore, no grievance regarding any itinerary change which, if circumstantially we have to make, will be entertained from the tour clients during or after the tour.
  • Changes may be necessitated due to factors beyond our control such as Force Majeure events, strikes, weather conditions, cancellation of hotels/flights, closure of tour/activity/expedition, etc.
  • Change in itinerary may also be required or necessitated on account of actions, inactions, defaults or conditions of tour clients in the group.
  • We are not liable to refund any amount or pay any compensation or damages on account of any change in itinerary. Alternately, we will try our best to provide an alternate arrangement which may be materially equal or a bit superior as compared to the ones cancelled due to occurrence of changes. If the alternate provided are superior and you agree to book it then the difference amount needs to be paid either at the time of booking or during the tour


Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • The contents of the Tour Brochure, website itinerary, T&C, all are a part of the contract and they should be read carefully.
  • You might be asked to sign the activity Form and such other documents as we may deem for including the Terms & Conditions.
  • You should ensure before making a booking that you have or you will be able to provide all the required valid and genuine documents if applying for visa, insurance, etc.
  • In the event you are booking through us a tour/activity of any third party operator, the T&C of such operator shall be applicable to you in addition to these T&C.
  • In case of one or more than one tour clients named in the booking form sign the booking documents, or any travel agent signs on behalf of such tour clients it shall be deemed that the signatories have been duly authorized by all such tour clients to sign on their behalf assuming full responsibility and it shall be deemed that all such tour clients have signed the booking documents.
  • Upon executing the Booking documents and on payment of the prescribed booking amount, a binding contract shall come into existence.
  • Notwithstanding, the clause (6) mentioned above, there is no contract between the Company and the tour client/s until the booking documents are signed and prescribed booking amount is received by the company.
  • The full payment must be received in accordance with prescribed payment schedule. If not paid in accordance with the payment schedule the company reserves the right to cancel the booking with forfeiture of the booking amount or levy a penalty for late payment of amount.


  • We reserve the right to revise or cancel the tour booked by you, without conveying any reason. Such revision or cancellation may be due to unavoidable circumstances or those are beyond our control. In such cases, we will offer you alternative dates or any other option which will help you to complete your tour. If the alternative provided by us is not acceptable to you, we might refund you the amount after deducting our costs if incurred on your behalf till that date.
  • If you wish to cancel your booking, you must inform us in writing.
  • The following cancellation charges shall apply irrespective of the reason of cancellation. Mentioned over the listed activities.
  • If you fail to pay the tour costs in time or if you commit any other default in regard to your booking, we may treat such failure or default as cancellation of the booking by you. In such case, the cancellation charges will be computed with reference to the date on which we issue you a notice of cancellation.
  • If you wish to change or amend your booking, you have to communicate your request in writing. Such requests for change or amendment shall be subject to availability and the extra costs needs to be paid as well.

  • SOME FAQs to understand the cancellation policy better:

  • Q. How will I pay the rest of the activity amount?
  • A. LastClues as a marketplace take only 10% amount from buyer at the time of booking, for the remaining balance it is completely between seller and buyer how and when they want to process the transactions.

  • Q. What will happen to remaining balance which I paid to seller offline? after booking the activity, will I get some receipt of the same?
  • A. We as a marketplace register only verified sellers who have proven track record in the travel industry, it is completely up to the seller how he operates.

  • Q. How will I get my refund?
  • A. At LastClues there are several activities listed hence refund is totally depend on the terms and conditions of the activity provider's activity, for One-off activity and tour packages we recommend to look into the seller's policy carefully before booking the activity.

  • Q. What if I cancel the activity in due time?
  • A. Apart from tour packages (For example 2D1N), if Cancellation happens up to 24 hours in advance we refund the complete booking amount. In case as a buyer you have paid the remaining balance to seller then it is completely between you and seller, LastClues will not be liable/responsible for making any payment outside the platform.

  • Q. How Cancellation charges work for tour packages?
  • Condition1: When a Cancellation Is made on or before 30 days prior to the departure of the Tour
  • A. An initial amount(Booking amount) which buyer has paid at the time of booking on LastClues, will not be refundable
  • Condition2: 29 -15 Days prior to the departure of the Tour
  • A. As per activity provider's terms and conditions.
  • Condition3: 14 days or less prior to date of departure or a "No Show" on the tour
  • As per activity provider's terms and conditions

  • Q. What is Free cancellation means and how refund will work in this?
  • A. If you see Free Cancellation in any of the activity then it is sure you will get the booking amount refund if you cancel the activity before 24 hours of its schedule. If as a buyer you have paid the remaining balance to seller then it is completely between you and seller, LastClues will not be liable/responsible for making any payment outside the platform.

  • Q. Does LastClues takes the guarantee of remaining balance amount which I will pay before taking the activity?
  • A. As a trusted marketplace by renowned activity providers, we verify each activity provider's background by a background checking agency, and we trust their commitment to us but still we recommend to take an informed decision before making any good size transaction. LastClues is a felicitator of unique activities hence will not be liable/responsible for making any payment outside the platform.

  • Q. What if seller doesn't pay my refund?
  • A. As a marketplace which runs totally on review/feedback system for sellers, we would never want this to happen but at the same time we cannot discard the unavoidable circumstances of the activity provider. Just in case this happen in 3 consecutive instances we blacklist the seller forever from our platform.

  • Q. What if Buyer doesn’t pay the remaining balance after booking?
  • A. As we strongly recommend to sellers to put your terms and conditions upfront so that there is no confusion in the future between you and the buyer. We as a user centric marketplace send him (buyer) the periodic reminders for balance amount in case he doesn't pay but still after reminders if he doesn't pay then seller has the full rights to cancel his ticket, in this case no refund will be processed.

  • Q. Refund means booking amount? Which I paid at the time of booking
  • A. Yes if it has mentioned over an activity that this is Free cancellation activity then it means Booking amount which the buyer has paid at the time of booking is refundable.

  • Q. Do you have some cancellation charges?
  • A. On certain activities yes cancellation charges are there, but in most of LastClues activities we do not have such charges. We strongly recommend to read the terms of conditions of the 'activity' while booking.

  • Q. Seller did not take my call after booking?
  • A. Do not worry! In most of the cases we take more than 2 contacts numbers of the activity provider, still both the numbers are not reachable or not picked we will surely help to connect with the activity provider.

  • Q. Buyer did not take my call after booking, and activity date is near?
  • A. We recommend to write an email to buyer, sometime buyer is busy or not picking the call doesn’t mean he is avoiding us. Still as a seller if you feel insecure please touch base with our support team we will surely try to set up a call between both of you.

  • Q. Seller refused to provide the activity due to my unpaid amount, as I am at the activity centre, what will happen?
  • A. It seems pretty rare but we can't discard this fact too, so in this case we recommend to give seller a call before you reach at the centre. As we all believe everything has a solution when we intend to solve it with love :).

  • Q. Buyer cancel the activity well in advance, but seller reserve his seat for that time?
  • A. We strongly recommend to seller to put the activity terms and conditions upfront to avoid future gaps. Sometime for some unavoidable reasons which can happen to any of us is always acceptable.

  • Q. If while taking an activity somebody hurt and could not take the activity further, what will happen?
  • A. In that case if seller has mentioned clearly about such mishaps then that will be followed. Ideally we would want seller to refund the amount for such experiences.

  • Q. What if buyer visit the centre and doesn’t like the ambience or behaviour of seller? what will happen of paid money?
  • A. As over LastClues most of our sellers are highly rated in hospitality, ambience and experiences they provide but still we would recommend to ask the activity provider to share the photos of ambience and the photographs of the activity which you are going to take.

  • Q. Will I get all the cancellation and refund points in my ticket?
  • A. Yes sure! When you book an activity over LastClues you get all the terms and conditions along with Do's and Don’ts on your ticket.

  • Q. What will happen if I pay remaining balance to seller that to offline does LC has some documents to share with both the parties as a proof.
  • A. We being a marketplace suggest to read the terms of conditions of the seller carefully while booking his activity. To make any payment outside LastClues platform will be completely on your own risk LastClues will not be liable or mediate in such case. We share only confirmed booking tickets with buyer and the details of the buyer with seller, so that both the parties happily cherish the memories. We do not provide such documents from our end.

  • Q. Seller terms and conditions will be applicable to the remaining balance amount (or 10% also which I paid as booking amount)?
  • A. Yes, it is completely up to the seller to mention his terms and conditions for the entire activity or just for the remaining balance. As a seller if you wish to keep terms and condition for only remaining balance which a buyer will pay apart from booking amount then that is also fine.


    • We select hotels which are convenient, comfortable and cost-effective so as to reduce your travel time and may be located away from the centre of the city.
    • All baggage and personal effects are at all times and under all circumstances your responsibility. We shall not be held liable for any loss/theft of your belongings from hotel premises or during the travel period.
    • The hotels will either be those shown in the itinerary or of the same category.
    • Facilities provided by the hotel those mentioned on our website are inclusive, but for availing any other facility you have to directly contact the hotel .
    • Any damages caused to hotel rooms during your stay of visit shall be borne by you, and the company will not be accountable for the same.
    • Action or behaviour of hotel staff does not come under the direct purview of the company and will not be responsible for the same.


    • The menus are pre-set menus provided on the tour. They are included in the brochure or will be provided to you in the detailed itinerary.
    • Any special request regarding specific kind of meal will only be entertained subject to the availability and on payment of extra cost, if any.


    We are travel and holiday organizers only and provide the services to our clients after proper search detailed by you. We do not own any airline, shipping company, hotel, restaurant or any other such facility that is engaged in providing the services to you on your tour.


    • All payments towards the tour cost must be made by the client to the company in accordance with the schedule and time frame as laid down by the company.
    • The clients are required to furnish their PAN card whenever required.
    • Payments made towards the foreign exchange component of your tour will be calculated in accordance with the Rate of exchange (ROE) of that given day.
    • Full payment must be made in accordance with the procedure mentioned above. In case of non-compliance by the client, the company reserves the right to cancel the tour/booking of the client and recover the costs incurred and cancellation charges as applicable.


    • It is the duty and responsibility of the traveller to inform the company, if he has any medical condition that may affect his ability travel under normal circumstances.
    • The company reserves the right to ask the traveller to provide written certification of his medical fitness before departure of the tour. If the client does not disclose his correct medical condition and any harm occurs to him due to that medical illness during the tour, the company shall not be held liable.


    • Any communication directed to the company by the traveller shall be made on the Contact Details as mentioned in the Brochure or on the website.
    • Any communication directed to the traveller by the company shall be made on the contact details as mentioned by him in the Booking Form or made to the travel agent through whom the booking has been initiated.


    The information furnished and shared to us by you will be completely confidential and only the necessary information shall be shared with third parties such as hotels, airlines or other service providers who will provide the services to you during your tour. However, we may be forced to disclose such information of yours if its required by the law or by any order of Court or the rules, regulations or enquiry by any Government or statutory agency having regulatory authority over the company.


    • All travellers will have to follow the tour program and are liable to return with the group to the place where the tour is stipulated to end. It shall be the responsibility of the Traveller to reach the place at the beginning of the tour and shall register himself/herself with the tour representative.
    • If any traveller is unable to reach the place of beginning the tour due to any reason whatsoever, his booking shall be treated as no show and cancellation charges may be levied.
    • The company, reserves the right to withdraw tour membership from anyone at any point of time during the tour due to his behavioural problems and such behaviour is affecting the tour for being smoothly operated.
    • The prices quoted on the website have been calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of publishing the website or printing of the brochure. The company reserves the right to amend the prices whenever required and the traveller needs to pay such incremental amount in full before the departure of the Tour.
    • Company solely reserves the right to publish group photograph of the passengers taken during the tour.