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    Tejas is designed for travellers running short on time, but still keen to experience a taste of ayurveda. While the serene ambience of the resort lets you connect to nature and unwind, the handpicked treatments in this curated package will relax your body and mind. The primary objective of Tejas is to introduce you to the world of ayurveda, and help you relax in the most effective manner.

  • Additional Information


    • Abhyanga- The art of Abhyanga lies in the synchronised, long strokes of massage from the scalp to the soles of your feet in the direction of your blood flow. The massage is done with  warm, herbal-infused oils, that are selected according to the constitution of your body type. Apart from the obvious relaxation properties of this treatment, it also helps improve blood circulation, vision, sleep and the texture of your skin. The properties of selected herbs also aid in nourishment and improves skin condition.
    • Ilakkizhi- This is a form of sudation therapy – instigating perspiration in the body.  Ila means leaf and kizhi stands for a linen bundle. In a nutshell, herbal leaves selected according to the body type of the patients are used to make a mixture, which is then tied up in the bundle. This hot kizhi is used for fomentation and targets various joint and muscle problems in the body. The heat of the kizhi  is consistently kept warm throughout the treatment. This helps in improving rheumatic pains, joint swelling and muscle stiffness.
    • Shirodhara-  Dhara is a special form of relation therapy that involves pouring of warm medicated liquids all over the body. There are different types of Dhara treatments, and the concoction is selected after evaluation by the ayurvedic physician. To name a few, Shirodhara is done by pouring herbal infused, warm oil over the scalp, head and hair for stress relief, insomnia and relaxation. Takradhara involves pouring medicated buttermilk for treating skin problems, headache and digestive issues. Ksheeradhara is done with herbal infused milk and oils while Dhanyamladhara uses medicated liquids.
    • Swedana- Swedana means perspiring and refers to different kinds of steam and fomentation treatments that are a part of ayurvedic healing treatments. It is a part of the preparatory treatments for panchakarma and involves flushing out the toxins through perspiration. A mix of herbal concoctions in various forms are used to achieve this. The idea is to dilate the body and flush out the toxins. The procedure is  followed by a hot shower with immediate improvements in energy levels and relaxed muscles.

    Benefits: Basic feel to ayurveda, relaxation, enhanced blood circulation, energy flow and relief from muscle pain and stress.

  • What to Expect
    • Accommodation.
    • Airport transfers from Cochin International Airport (to & fro).
    • Daily ayurveda treatment 60 ? 90 minutes depending on the ayurvedic doctor’s advice.
    • Free medicines during the treatment as per the ayurvedic doctor’s advice.
    • Individual ayurveda diet plan as per the ayurvedic doctor’s advice – Satvik meals as per your Prakriti (All meals).
    • Health drinks (twice a day).
    • Sunset Cruise.
    • Meditation.
    • Yoga.
  • Fine Prints
    • Prices are of double occupancy.
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    Lhasa Resort

    Elur, Kerala
    Language : English
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    • Outdoor
    • Local Tour
    • History Tour
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    Iam MD, Lhasa resort is my dream project, I wish to give our guest a totally unique experience, which always will cherish in their memories. Iam myself a traveler and wish to explore new ideas from different countries and wish to give some thing out of box, with out disturbing the ecosystem and our culture.

Lhasa Tejas-Relaxation

Kochi, Kerala
Starting from:Kochi
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