5 Tech Trends that Redefined the Travel Industry

5 Tech Trends that Redefined the Travel Industry

The emergence of technology has left its mark in every sector of the world. Travel industry is one of them where several new technological trends have emerged which has changed the way the industry works.
Connectivity - Internet is one of the most important trends that changed everything in the world. Internet has become a part in the hotel rooms to ticketing agencies to all other customer services which keeps the industry connected.

Biometrics - Biometrics as become a popular trend in travel industry. From entry in different vantage points to different security access including visa processing centres, biometrics has made interaction with the travellers easy.

Plastic Money - Plastic money has emerged as a big alternative to the challenges of carrying cash while travelling. It has not only eased the transactions it has also helped in preserving the environment by reducing the usage of paper money.

Social Media - Social media platforms play a major role in garnering the business of the travel industry. With the sharing of millions of photos everyday in social media, it incites the wanderlust in the viewers to plan a vacation.

Miscellaneous - Tiny products like power bank to google maps to different apps help the travellers to enjoy their vacations.