Amazing Things to Do In Sakleshpur For A Fun Vacation

Amazing Things to Do In Sakleshpur For A Fun Vacation

Sakleshpur is a quaint hill station in Karnataka surrounded by the Western Ghats. The hill station is known by few and its calm landscape is full of plantations, rivers and scenic landscapes. 

The landscape calls for a variety of activities to be enjoyed. LastClues organizes a lot of those Outdoor and Indoor Activities. Here is a brief:

  • Bullock Cart Riding: Watch the scenes around in a traditional cart.
  • Body Zorb Football: A unique activity where you can encase yourselves inside an inflatable Zorb with your legs free so that you can run and kick.
  • Land Zorbing Activity: Ideal zorbing where you roll down inside a fluffy ball (zorb).
  • Group Rain Dance and Mud Volleyball Activity: Love the waters from up above - engage in rain dancing with friends. The fun doesn’t stop here with mud volleyball - which needs no explanation.
  • Cycle Trips to Short Distance River/Monument: The most popular activity which you can explore in Sakleshpur is taking a cycle trip to the amazing Manjarabad Fort and the Hemavathi river.
  • Air Borne Sumo Wrestling: Another unique activity that you can be a part of through a trampoline, only in Sakleshpur.
  • Shooting Rifle-Pistol: Shoot a rifle and pistol in the air to land some target shots.
  • Paintball Game-Tactical Markers: One of the most fun activities, Paintball is best enjoyed with a group of friends.
  • Dirt Bikes Off Road Ride: Off road driving at its best enjoyed in the fields of Sakleshpur. The ATV-Quad Bikes Off Road Ride is a great activity for motorsport lovers touring Sakleshpur.
  • Rope Activities: There is not one but many rope activities that will be a part of your journey including Single-Rope, Partner Jumping, Banana Split, Helicopter, Jump Rope Relay, Water Splash and many more.
  • Experience Archery at an Activity Park: You don’t have to go to Bhutan to experience Archery. Now LastClues can get you this experience at home in Sakleshpur.
  • Children's Play Area: The list also includes activities that will suit people touring with families in a dedicated Children's play area.

Some other activities to do in Sakleshpur are as follows: Green Route trek, camping at Aclat Meadows, touring the Bisle Viewpoint for a view of Pushpagiri and Dodda Betta.

If you want to enjoy these amazing activities in Sakleshpur, you can connect with LastClues, an agency that can help you with planning your Sakleshpur trip. Choose to explore this rare place on Earth not known by many.