Enjoy The Stand-Up Paddleboard Experience in Rameshwaram

Enjoy The Stand-Up Paddleboard Experience in Rameshwaram

Do you remember the iconic bridge of Pamban on the pristine blue waters shown in the Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer film Chennai Express? Imagine paddling through the calm blue sea while looking at the most dangerous railway bridge of India. Does the thought thrill you? Well, now you can. Yes, stand up paddleboarding or supping, although still a rare activity, has been gaining popularity among the adventure sports enthusiasts.

Stand up paddling is a sport which is basically a combination of surfing and kayaking. You can feel the thrill as well as relax to feel the water gushing away between your feet. It is a versatile sport to be enjoyed by people of all generations.

Rameshwaram which consists of various islands, surfing spots and lagoons has become one of the most famous hot-spots for stand-up paddling. You can go and learn the sport within two hours from the expert trainers who will help you in tackling the waves.

So, water sports enthusiasts, what are you waiting for? Take a break for 2/3 days and experience this thrilling yet joyous activity along with the calm beaches and serene temples of Rameshwaram. Allons y!

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