10 Best Places to Visit in Goa for the Best Vacation Ever

10 Best Places to Visit in Goa for the Best Vacation Ever

10 Best Places to Visit in Goa for the Best Vacation Ever

In Goa, you’ll find paradise everywhere you go. The place needs no introduction! Being one of the most beloved tourist places in India, Goa has everything a leisure seeker desires–beaches, historical attractions, Portuguese-influenced cuisine, national parks, and whatnot. Today, we dive into the best places to visit in Goa, there are a few of them so we’ve tried to compile the most exclusive and popular ones. But don’t stick to the list, visit Goa and you’ll know there’s more than meets the eye.

10 Best Places to Visit in Goa

Of course, there are more than 10 places to visit in Goa, many more. For the sake of time and reading, we have segregated the list into 2 parts: North Goa and South Goa. Yes, there’s something like that. Bookmark these to your itinerary!

Top 5 Places to Visit in North Goa

North Goa is full of beaches, forts, and so many iconic attractions. Here are a select few:

Vagator Beach

With tranquil coastline and white sands, the bright blue waters of Vagator Beach are sure to ponder about. Trails of palm trees are dotted with hillocks and cliffs. Picture a carefree evening here taking in the beauty and dining at the many seaside restaurants.

Fort Aguada

Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Fort Aguada is a Portuguese architectural marvel. Take in the mesmerising views and explore the 400-year-old historical legacy of the fort. 

Candolim Beach

Miles of shoreline have made this beach one of the longest beaches in Goa. It is perfect for spending an adventurous day, enjoying various water sports like parasailing and water skiing.

Reis Magos Fort

The Reis Magos Fort is a must-see sight in North Goa. It was one of the first bastions to be built by the Portuguese and its structure exudes grandeur and glory. When you see distinctive reddish stone walls from Panaji, know that it’s Reis Magos Fort. 

Basilica of Bom Jesus

North Goa is all about finding leisure and more. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Baroque architecture and for holding the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. Visit here to find some peace!

Top 5 Places To Visit in South Goa

From the North, we now head on to the South. Despite the change in geography, you will find coastal leisure, history, and wanderlust in the many attractive places. 

Palolem Beach

Palolem beach spreads amidst a beautiful shoreline dominated by hillocks and coconut trees. For the most exciting water sports, see yourself enjoying an adventure-filled escape. When done, delight in the local cuisine and visit the markets spanning the beach. 

Pro tip: It is also one of the best beaches for scuba diving in Goa, be prepared!

Cabo de Rama Fort

Perfectly situated between Cavelossim beach and Agonda beach, the Cabo de Rama Fort offers majestic views of the coastline. When you want a laid-back evening, visit here and catch a mesmerising sunset.

Three Kings Church

It’s one of the most popular South Goa places to visit for all the peculiar reasons. This Goa chapel atop the Cuelim Hills is believed to be haunted–yes, haunted. Listen to the stories of the three ghost kings and explore the outdoors witnessing endless natural beauty. Pack a picnic basket, you’d want to!

Indian Naval Aviation Museum

Fun fact: this is one of only two military museums in India and the only Naval aviation museum in Asia. We think it’d be a great addition to your South Goa itinerary owing to its uniqueness. Discover aircraft displays, naval equipment, historic battle stories, and so much more. 

Mollem National Park

One of the most beautiful places to visit in South Goa is the Mollem National Park. It is popular for its adventurous trekking trails and housing many attractions like Devil's Canyon, Tambdi Waterfalls, and Sunset Point.

That’s it, folks! Your next trip to the extraordinary awaits. Plan a Goa tour with LastClues and leave the burden of planning to us. What’s great? We offer highly personalised tours so that you can always get to where you want!