What Kind of Holiday Suits You?

What Kind of Holiday Suits You?

The idea of holiday is different to each of us. In the olden times, holiday meant to relax with your family by spending time idly at your home. Here are few categories :- 
Historical- For history buffs, visiting a place which has a history of several years or a place with museum, forts or exhibits will be the best bet. Planned itinerary and research will be very useful in this case.

Natural- If you dig in for mountainous landscape and scenic beaches or forests, you should plan for trekking/ hiking or go for beach activities. Nature tours come with fun activities like bonfires, makeshift tents, beach volleyball etc along with adventurous trails in the outdoor. 

Amusement- If you are traveling with kids, this category will be your best bet. Fun events in the amusement parks, water kingdoms or places full of activities will keep the kids happy and provide you the fun and entertainment you were wishing for. 

Adventure- If you dig in for the extreme sports, you can go for skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rafting etc and feel free to experience the adrenaline rush in your body. 

Family- Most of the holidays are planned for visiting the relatives or family. This involves relaxation and family gathering in a beach or picnic with grandparents or cousins.