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    Amazing journey of natural beauty from Sahastratal-Thandi-Kamad to Sahastratal
    Sahastratal is the largest and deepest lake in the Garhwal region. It is a group of lakes located to the west of the Khatling glacier in Uttarakhand, situated on the border of Uttarkashi and Tehri districts. Whose number is said to be estimated at 1000.

    The river that originates from Sahastra Tal (Darsni Tal) is named Pilangana River. This river joins with Ganga ji in Malla village of Uttarkashi district. The second river is 200 meters above Darsni Taal on the top. After Chadni, after descending 100 meters, there are 3 other Taals named Matri Taal, from here the Bhilangana river originates, which passes through Guttu and merges with Ganga ji in old Tehri Ganesh Prayag. ॥

    Description of Sahastra Taal is found in Kedar Khand, in which Sahastra Taal is written as the place of Goddess, whose names are as follows 1, Chand Masta 2, Bagula Mukhi,
    Due to Sahastratal being a snowy and rare area, so far only 8 locks have been identified, whose names are as follows -
    (1) Draupati Tal
    (2) long palate
    (3) Linga Tal
    (4) Mantri Tal
    (5) Narsing Tal
    (6) Bhim Tal
    (7) Darsani Tal
    (8) The name of the minister who has 3 pools together is also known as the minister's pool.
    Views from Sahastra Tal, Kukli Top and Kyarki Bugyal Bakrya Top
    Other side Pawali katha, Buda kedar, Masar tal Kyarki bugyal, Kush kaliyani, and many others places.

    Sahastratal Trek :The journey to Sahastratal begins from Thandi Kamad village in Uttarkashi district, which is a total of 45 kilometers on foot. On the way to Sahastratal there are high mountains, dense forests, bugyals, flower valleys and river waterfalls, sheep and goats • From places with ancient beliefs. It is an adventure-filled walk till Sahastratal.

    The more popular and popular track than Kamad and less climbing is considered as Kamad Wala Rasta because on this trek 4 km long ground of Jaurai Bugyal comes.

    The Sahastratal track is 45 km from Kamad. It takes 5 days for the local people of the village and 8 days for the travelers coming from outside, in between which there are some major and famous places which have their own local and some religious beliefs, due to which Due to this, this place becomes worshipable and worth seeing due to its natural beauty.


  • Additional Information

    Trek  start point Kamad   and End point  Buda Kedar  

    • Day 01 Rishikesh to Kamad Village 130 Km By Local Bus 8/9 Hours and By Taxi 5 Hours 

    Night Homestay Kamad At (2,057 m) (6,748 ft) height 

    • Day 02 Kamad  to Belak Khal   11 km

    Night  Stay in Camping  5/6  Hours Height 2900 Mt 

    • Day 03 Belak Khal  To Khush Kaliyani  11 km  

    Night  Homestay  6/7 Hours at 3468, Mt.  11,384 feet height 

    • Day 04  Khush Kaliyani To  Kyarki Bugyal  10 km

    Night Camping 7/8 Hours at 3937 m, 12976 ft height 

    • Day 05 Kyarki Bugyal To  Mamliya Tal   10 km

    Night Camping 7/8 Hours at (4278.MT) (14,278FT) height 

    • Day 06 Mamliya Tal To Sahastra Tal 2km Trek

    Sideseen Sahastra Tal (4560Mt) (14,957ft) height  Return  12 Km Kyarki Bugyal 

    • Day 07 Kyarki Bugyal To  Kush kaliyani 10 km

    Night Homestay  7/8 Hour's 

    • Day 08  Kush Kaliyani To  Pinswad Village 4/5.Hour's 9.km Trek

    Pinswad Village to Buda Kedar 17.km by taxi  Night Stay Hotel

    •  Day 09 Buda Kedar To Rishikesh  156 km  by taxi 5 Hours 


  • What to Expect

     INCLUDED :-

    • Guide
    • Porter  
    • Cook
    • Helper
    • Forist parmition
    • Comping fees
    • Tent
    • Matrss
    • Sleeping bag
    • Break fast
    • Lunch dinner
    • Hotel  in Buda kedar
    • Homestay in Kamad
    • Pinswad Village To Buda Kedar Taxi 
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    • All the prices are for Indian Nationals only, unless specified
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    Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand
    Language : English
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Sahastra Tal Trek

Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand
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