Kunti Betta Sunrise Trek near Bangalore is one of the most famous sunrise treks and water activity centers. Located in the district of Pandavpura, this trek will take you up between two hillocks and enjoy the view leaving you with an unforgettable experience.

The trek will also bring you closer to history as Kunti Betta literally means the sons of Kunti. This is a homage to the Pandavs while they traversed these parts with their mother.

A late night bus ride will get you to the point from where you start your climb. If night time adventure tickles you this is a trek and experience that you will remember for a long time to come.

  • The site also offers you kayaking and swimming opportunities whence you descend from the summit.
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    I'm co-founder of the travel tour Company . I'm passionate about travelling and love to explore new places and meet new people! Living here for the past 30 years & hearing stories about Bengaluru from people, I can provide you insights about Bengaluru which you will not get on any guide books. Along with me, my colleagues also helps me in hosting our tours, they are also a 3rd generation Bangalorean and they lived 10 years of his life in the old city and has great knowledge of the old city.

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