10 off-grid destinations in India to unplug from the world

10 off-grid destinations in India to unplug from the world

10 off-grid destinations in India to unplug from the world

If you are reading this blog, you surely need a vacation to immerse yourself in nature. If you are tired to reply to the emails and want to forget the hullabaloo of the city, of course, you need an off-grid vacation.

In this busy life, more and more people want a break that will unplug them from the noise of the city. We are tried to list some of the best off-grid destinations in India that will unplug you from the world.

So here are top 10 off-grid destinations in India to unplug from the world:

1. Andaman and Nicobar Island
If you want to place to disconnect from hustle and bustle of city life, Andaman and Nicobar Island can be your best choice. It has over 300 big and small islands essence with simplicity and sensuality. This is the off-grid destination in India. Not only these island good for silence but also offers you a lot more things to do.

2. Thar Desert

If Andaman and Nicobar fill with seas than on the other side Thar fills with deserts. But still equally isolated and equally beautiful. Thar is one of the best unplug destinations in India. It is blessed with a colorful and vibrant culture. Riding on the camel’s back is the most dreaming thing to do. To get the best experience, just switch off your mobile and feel the happiness around the world.

3. Ladhak
Are you a spiritual person, move to the mystical land of Ladhak. This place surely satisfies you for self-discovery. Hanle, a remote place where you can gaze at the Milky Way for hours. With a spiritual touch, this place is filled with adventure, mountains, and glaciers. All are present in a single place to make your trip most extraordinary. 

4. Jim Corbett National Park
If we are listing places that unplug from the world- Jim Corbett National Park is best suited. This is the land of a tiger which offers you to view Indian Tiger. If you are a wildlife lover, you will see a section of wilderness and softness rustle of birds. Also addition there are Asiatic elephants and more than 600 varieties of birds. Put this on your bucket list of off-grid destinations in India.

5. Rann of Kutch
Great Rann of Kutch, the largest salt desert stretching over 10,000 sq.km.  This is another perfect unplug destination if you are planning an off-grid trip. This is the place that detached you from the world sometimes. If you are going for the sole purpose, avoid going in December and January. You must visit Kala Dungar (Black Hill) to experience a panoramic view from 458m above sea level.

6. Munnar
Imagine a day in a softly sloping landscape surrounded by lush green tea plantation and a hot cup of tea, feel like a paradise. Right? Yes, this is the heavenly place called Munnar. It is 1600m above from the sea level and a perfect tourist destination in India for unplugging yourself from the world for a while.  This South Indian hill station should be on every traveler's list. This place offers you cascading waterfalls, mountains and brings you close to nature.

7. Rishikesh Ashram
Rishikesh is the house of many ashrams where you can learn styles of yoga and meditations. Rishikesh holds the dual image, one side is a Vedic center and another it is the adventure sports place. But simply it gives you chance to unplug yourself from the world.  Just you need to be settled around any ashram where not even get any newspaper, no radio, no phone calls, the only source of entertainment is just to connect yourself with nature.

8. Alleppey
How do you feel to imagine yourself sitting on the deck and enjoy yourself with the picturesque view? This can happen only with the Alleppey, the backwater capital of India. You will feel tempted to see yourself in another world with wonder and fantasies. Experience rich flora-fauna, luxurious houseboat, and sumptuous seafood which will remind you of the real meaning of life. All you need a great view, good food, and some great company.

9. Caves of Meghalaya
What is the better way to unplug yourself from the world, just hide under the cave? The caves of Meghalaya offer you an undercurrent of adventures and topping of interesting flora and fauna. Nature view, scenic hills and mesmerizing beauty of valley make this place more interesting. So come to Meghalaya and discover this remote place in India.

10. Dense Forest of Western Ghat
The Western Ghat of India is one of the popular UNESCO world heritage monuments and known for its rich biodiversity. With 600km of thick dense forestry and more than 1000 species of trees, plants, birds, animals, that’s all surround you. All you need to camp and trek here and you will surely cherish all through life.

Now, put these places on your off-grid destination bucket and pack your bags for an offbeat vacation.  Best of Luck!

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