12 Tips You Never Knew to Keep Your Trip More Exciting

12 Tips You Never Knew to Keep Your Trip More Exciting

12 Tips You Never Knew to Keep Your Trip More Exciting

No matter, if this is gonna be your first trip or you are a pro at travelling, just keep these things in mind so that the excitement remains there and your trip is not ruined.

Here we have some of the tips in our checklist to make your journey a roller coaster ride.

1. Try experimenting with something new 

Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, even if it's only by a toe. Order a local delicacy that you won't find in your hometown. Ride a bike, go for a hike, zipline, stand-up paddleboard—whatever you want to do, just do it!

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink it, whether it's tap water, sparkling water, bottled water, or Fontanelle water! Flying causes dehydration. Travel takes you out of your routine. Stay hydrated for the sake of your body. While travelling you generally walk more so drinking water gives energy and refreshes your mind.

3. Welcome the flow

Flights are delayed, traffic occurs, and bags are misplaced—all it's part of the travel experience. As frustrating as it may be, it is critical to take a deep breath and go with the flow. You should welcome the thrills and adventure that you are going to experience while travelling, so keep your mind prepared.

4. Be Open to New Cultures

When you travel, you get to see and experience different ways of life. Some are stunning, while others are not. But, regardless of how you feel about the other culture, embrace it and learn about it. If nothing else, you'll learn to appreciate your own way of life even more.

5. Unwind

Your vacation is a time to unwind. If you want to spend the entire day in your comfortable hotel bed, go ahead and do it. Don't worry about what you think you should do; instead, use the trip to do what you want. So just relax whenever you feel like it. It’s a break to your routine!

6. Exhale and relax

And take long, deep breaths—inhale and exhale. As the fresh air of a new destination fills your lungs, you'll feel the stress of life back home fade away. There's a reason yoga teaches you to focus on your breath...it truly relaxes you! So flick off the stress  through breathing out.

7. Prefer walking

Walking around is one of the best ways to get a sense of a place. You'll notice things you wouldn't notice in a taxi. Walking will keep you proactive in traveling. Also, you can talk to more strangers while walking at a place. You can learn many things from them by listening to their experiences.

8. Make time for relaxation

Don't waste time rushing from tour to tour and becoming stressed along the way. Plan an afternoon to relax at your fabulous hotel or to explore the neighbourhood. Unplanned experiences provide some of the best memories. Feel them!

9. Use a Sunscreen 

Whether you're going to mountains or a beach, sunscreen is always a must. Find a good SPF moisturiser or apply SPF 70 directly to your skin—ju st wear it!  Taking care of your skin while travelling is also crucial while you travel.

10. Bring Only What You Need

Some people prefer packing more clothes than needed while traveling and then regret later on bringing a lot of stuff. Pack an extra pair of shoes if they will help you sleep better. Pack how you want and feel no regrets. That being said, don't go overboard and pack your entire closet—after all, there are weight limits and baggage fees to consider!

11. Wear Comfortable Shoes.

Sure, you have some fabulous wedges that you can wear to work or booties that you can wear all day. After spending a day out walking through an airport, a parking lot, and all over town, you'll want to set those shoes on fire. Pack those shoes that are truly comfortable, and save the heels for the evening to enjoy it further.

12. Live in the Moment and Don't Look Back.

Eat whatever you want; exercise or not; buy a souvenir or simply savour the memories. Don’t get carried away at the moment and enjoy your time however you wish to spend it. Enjoy it and make the most of it. Let it all sink in.

Follow these simple tricks and enjoy your trip to the fullest whether it is solo or in a group. Visit LastClues if you want to make an exciting trip at the best prices.

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