A Handy Checklist For All First Time Travelers

A Handy Checklist For All First Time Travelers

Are you about to explore the world for the first time? Worried, and getting daunted by it?
Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are some tips :-

  • Research- Find information about the place as much as you can from people who have been there or from travel guide/internet.
  • Languages- Learn the basic words of the local languages. This will help you in your trip and will ensure you that you do not get scammed. 
  • Documents- Keep hard-copy and soft-copy of all the required documents. Keep a recent copy of your photograph in it. Keep a list of the police stations nearby where you are planning to stay.
  • Medicines- Carry a bag of necessary medicines. Basic medicines related to headache, nausea, band aids, loose motion etc should be taken.
  • Necessities- Travel light as much as possible but don’t forget your necessities. This includes ¾ set of clothes, a pair of good trainers, toiletries, cosmetics.
  • Gadgets- Lastly, as we live in the world of technology, carry necessary gadgets like a good phone, power bank, earphone, eye mask, and a good DSLR camera, if possible.

This checklist will leave you feeling prepared, relaxed and ready to take on the new adventure you’ve booked. If you got some more handy tips for first-time travelers? Share with us!

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