Best Camping Destinations for Adventure Seekers in India

Best Camping Destinations for Adventure Seekers in India

Best Camping Destinations for Adventure Seekers in India

Getting bored with your daily life? What would you think about taking a short holiday? Do you want to explore some adventure around you? If you are an adventure seeker, camping in India can be a different experience for you. So, without any delay, just make a plan.

Here are the best camping destinations for adventure seekers in India.

1. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is counted as the YOGA CAPITAL IN INDIA. This is the land of holy temples. But apart from yoga and temples, Rishikesh offers you the best adventure experience ever in India. While it is water-rafting, trekking, cliff jumping and most exciting Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh. With the height of 83 m of Bungee Jumping podium, will take you on another level of adventure. Take your friend on this adventure trip and enjoy the real fun of life.     

2. Motorcycle Ride, Shimla to Leh

This is the dream of every young person for sure. A motorcycle ride from Shimla to Leh is one of the best and popular adventures in India. Almost every adventure seeker wants to go for a motorcycle ride to Leh. This journey is a bikers' paradise. You can go on Shimla tour with your friends or also can be a solo trip. You can make new friends while on a path. The rally starts from Shimla and going to Leh by crossing some amazing countryside views and spine chilling places. Undoubtedly, you must try this adventure once in life.  

3. Paragliding, Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a small quaint town located in Himachal Pradesh. This is the place with verdant greenery in the mountains. Now, it has become a very popular camping destination for adventure-seeking in India. This place makes people visit again and again for offering paragliding experience. This is the second-highest paragliding spot in the world. So you must give credit to this place. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking paranormal in the sky and you will live the landing that looks like Europe.    

4. Water Rafting, Subansiri

Subansiri is located in Arunachal Pradesh. This place is calling you for the most thrilling adventure experience. Enjoy the fun with rapid waves in the water. Why are you waiting up, pack your bags for the most amazing camping destination? Gets some water rafting experience with tour family and friends. Don’t forget to keep your phone safe with waterproof bags. 

5. Scuba Diving, Andaman

Andaman knows as the Beach Haven. Scuba diving is the best underwater adventure that you can go for. Dive into crystal clear water and fascinating the underwater species life that will remember you in your whole life. This destination can give you a top-grade experience of underwater adventure. Must take lessons before going underwater and follow all the rules and regulations of your expert.  

6. Fly Boarding, Goa

Goa is best known for beaches, nightlight and flea markets. People tend to camp on Goa beaches and enjoy their culture and lifestyle. But is it enough? No Way….. What about water sports. With huge gape of water sport, finally, launch ‘Fly-Boarding’ internationally popular in Baina beach in Goa. Enjoy the most amazing adventure in the water.

7. Mountain Biking, Sikkim

Are you an avid cyclist, then no need to describe to you how much thrill in mountain biking. Riding a mountain bike is a top-level adventure that you can do in Sikkim. The hills of Sikkim offers numerous exciting mountain biking trails. You can choose according to your grade. With proper safety and security, take a ride on the hills of Sikkim. 

8. Sky Diving, Mysore

We all want to fly free like a bird once in our life. Right! So get up, this is your best chance. Go for a sky diving in Mysore and view the fascinating sky. But yes, this can be dangerous and risky for your life. But adventure can’t be done without risk. Mysore gives you the chance to feel like a bird and fly in the sky with an expert and full security.  

9. Skiing, Auli

Do you love ski adventure in the snow? Then Auli can be your best choice for adventure sport of skiing. Auli is situated in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Here you can get 3 km long slope for a ski lift. In Auli, you will get many resorts for ski and the entire ski equipment offer for 7-14 days skiing course. We bet skiing in Auli will be your best experience.

10. Trekking, Manali

Manali is one of the best camping destinations for trekking lovers. Manali Solang Valley is an ideal place for trekking. Try to trek up to Rohtang Pass, Malana, Jogini Falls and many more. Numbers of Trekking trails are available in Manali. All the trekkers need to follow strict rules and regulations. Also, Manali is lush with beautiful plantations and incredible views. Manali is the best combination place for adventure activities with nature-lovers.

Now, without wasting much time, just pick any one of the adventure sport of your choice and plan a trip with your family, friends or solo. Do the dare, enjoy the adventure.

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