Why Mayong is Nicknamed as The Cradle of Black Magic in India

Why Mayong is Nicknamed as The Cradle of Black Magic in India

The village of Mayang has gained a lot of attention in the recent times. Mayang can be said as the Hogwarts of India as it has been associated with wizcraft and black magic since the ancient time.

It is said that Ghatotkach, the son of Bheem hailed from this place and has created havoc on the Kaurava army with his magical powers. People believe that the origin of the name Mayang comes from the Sanskrit term “Maya” which means illusion. Large number of people in Mayang still knows to perform black magic. Practices like ‘Narabali’ (human sacrifice) to Goddess Shakti was a prominent practice a few years ago.

Today, Mayang provides varied opportunities of palm reading, fortune telling using seashells and glass. Doctors in Mayang also use black magic to treat the patients. People with chronic ailments also claim to have been healed by black magic.

This mysterious village has turned into a major tourist spot in the recent days as adventure lover or history buffs as well as archaeologists are finding it a new destination to explore. This interesting town can be reached via road from Guwahati which is 40 Km away or via train for Jagiroad which is the nearest station.

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