Amer is called after its 16th-century fort, a stunning hilltop bastion with sweeping views of Jaipur. The fort, also known as the Amber Palace, has a hall with beautiful mirror mosaics and a Ganesh idol carved from coral. The geometric Panna Meena ka Kund stepwell and Jagat Shiromani, a Hindu shrine with a magnificent statue of goddess Kali, are also nearby sites. The Anokhi Museum is dedicated to woodblock printing.

Places you will visit in this tour

Panna Meena ka Kund:- It is a square-shaped stepwell, with adjoining stairs on all four sides and a room on the northern wall. It’s believed this room was used for religious ceremonies before weddings or on popular festival dates.

Jagat shiromani temple:- Jagat Shiromani is a Hindu temple situated in Amer, India. It was constructed between 1599 and 1608 AD by Queen Kanakwati, the wife of Man Singh I. The temple contains a statue of Krishna which has significance to the Hindu faith.

Sagar lake:- Man Sagar Lake is an artificial lake in Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is named after Raja Man Singh, the monarch of Amer at the time, who built it around 1610 by damming the Dravyavati river. The Jal Mahal stands in the centre of the lake, watch tower 360 degree view, kadami palace and many other places around.

Amer was inhabited by the Meena community before it was captured by the Kacchawa Rajputs. Historians concur with the occupation by Rajputs in the 10-11th century. The origin of Rajputs is traced to Narwar in Madhya Pradesh. Before capturing Amer, Kacchawa ruled from Dausa and Jamwa Ramgarh near Jaipur. According to legends, Ambikeshwar Mahadev Temple predates Amer town. However, this is not proven.

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