Explore the Adventure Activities in the Beautiful City of Rishikesh

Explore the Adventure Activities in the Beautiful City of Rishikesh

Explore the Adventure Activities in the Beautiful City of Rishikesh

The city is a perfect destination for people who engage in adventure activities because it offers the most amazing views of river Ganga and mountain ranges. Despite the fact that adventurists differ on their notions about adventure, they all agree on one point - 'Rishikesh is the ultimate destination for enjoying all the thrill-filled activities'.

Mentioned below are some of the top adventure activities that one can enjoy in the arms of the beautiful city, Rishikesh.

Have fun in the lap of nature, go for beach camping

Camping caters to both the adventurists and nature lovers. It is a life time experience to spend some wonderful moments amid the tranquility and splendors of the Mother Nature. At the same time, you are greeted with the thrill of exploring an isolated land. Further, one can also indulge in various sports like beach volleyball and yoga that spice up the whole experience of a beach camping.

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Rock Climbing - Hold your breath till you reach the peak!

Located in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, Rishikesh is the best location for the mountain lovers and rock climbers. Rock climbing is one of the action-packed activities that allure the adventure enthusiasts from different nooks and corners of the world. It is really very challenging, as even one wrong move can make the world go upside down. One must get an expert assistance before making an attempt.

Even humans can have wings with Bungee Jumping!

Bungee jumping can be defined as a thrill of diving from a high altitude, which is further complemented with the view of the picturesque natural surroundings. Considering this definition, Rishikesh is the finest spot for indulging in the respective adventure activity. A dive from a height of around 270 feet is certainly not a piece of cake for anyone. Thus, the enthralling experience provided by bungee jumping in Rishikesh is truly matchless.

Taste the rare blend of rocky terrain and splendid surroundings - Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is the best way to explore the exquisiteness of the magnificent city. It makes the visitors wander in and around different nooks and corners of the place. On one hand where the uneven terrains challenge the bikers, on the other hand the picture perfect settings provide a treat to the eyes. In addition to adventure, mountain biking brings the visitors close to the colorful and rich culture of the place.

It's time to taste the rapids all alone - Kayaking

Another adventure activity that enthralls the visitors is kayaking. Unlike rafting, kayaking is not a group activity. Therefore, it is recommended to take a proper training before trying out the respective audacious sport.

Trek up and down to discover the grandeur of Rishikesh

Trekking in Rishikesh means an ultimate thrill-filled journey that provides you a life time opportunity to travel around the beautiful meadows, dazzling rivers, splendid valleys and wonderful peaks. The trekking tour in Rishikesh gifts the tourists the pleasure of witnessing natural splendors along with the thrill of covering challenging terrains.
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Explore the wilderness through jungle walk

The dense woods of Rishikesh amaze you with its rich diverse wildlife. Right from the beautiful blossoms, lovely chirping birds to the wild predators, every species awaits to greet the onlookers. Thus a jungle walk in Rishikesh is a must for wildlife lovers and photographers.

Let the adventurist in you live his dream, enjoy white water rafting

River Ganges is not just known for its spiritual value, rather it is highly popular among the adventure lovers for providing the best stretch for experiencing white water rafting. The highly demanding rapids of the Ganges entice the rafters from different parts of the world. These rapids invite both the amateurs and professional rafters for enjoying Ultimate River rafting in Rishikesh. Furthermore, you can also enjoy rafting in the Alaknanda River (one of the major tributaries of the Ganges). The high grade rapids and the narrow passages of Alaknanda offer a perfect stretch to the rafters.

This makes it crystal-clear that the pious land of Rishikesh is replete with a plethora of exciting sports. Be it a bungee jumping, mountain biking, trekking or rafting, different flavors of adventures to serve different tastes of adventurists are available here.

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