Mumbai with 70 % population coming from different parts of India offers a unique opportunity to the food lovers, who wish to enrich their tounge with mouthwatering dishes not only with rich colourful appearance but also giving salvation to the taste buds of food lovers, while visiting India.

One can find the taste of not only different geographical regions of India, but also get hands on experience of kitchen of Arab and other Islamic cuisine both in its original form as well as reformed to suit Indian ethos.

The food tour of Bombay is an opportunity to visit different food corners , each specializing cuisine of one state of India.

The tourist enjoys the sweet dishes of Bengal , gets an idea to what extent south indian kitchen could be when he tastes the meal cooked in coconut oil followed by a cup of coffee, feels the richness of Punjabi Kitchen also known of Lion Kitchen Of India. Spice lovers can enjoy the spicy local cuisine of state of Maharashtra of which the city is capital of.

You also get to enjoy the hand crafted ice cream in today’s age of industrialised world.

  • The tour is best enjoyed in the evening hours .
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    I Am A Licensed Tourist Guide From Ministry Of Tourism , Government Of India . I Am Based And Offering My Services In Mumbai And Offer My Services In English . I Conduct Individual As Well As Group Tours . I Conduct Elephanta Tours , Slum Tours , Dawn Market Tour , Food Tour , Heritage Walks , Heritage Market Tours , Pagoda Tours , Jewish Tours , City Tour In Mumbai < /p>

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