Shikara Boat Ride on Kerala's Backwaters – One of the Best Places to Visit in India!

Shikara Boat Ride on Kerala's Backwaters – One of the Best Places to Visit in India!

Shikara Boat Ride on Kerala's Backwaters – One of the Best Places to Visit in India!

As far as the tourism sector of Kerala is concerned, it boasts of some of the top rated and most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Kerala is a small state situated in the southernmost part of India. The state is a well-known tourist destination as a result of its natural attractions such as beautiful beaches, scintillating backwaters, peaceful lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, verities of flora and fauna and more. The green draped state is dearly remembered by everyone who has paid a visit here as a result of a variety of popular picnic spots and Alleppey backwaters also contribute towards this reputation. In Kerala, Alleppey is blessed with the rich source of natural backwater bodies comprised of lakes, rivers, canals etc. Tourism here is fully developed and is mostly centered around houseboats and Shikara boat Alleppey. It is a heaven on earth as the place captivates the minds of young and old alike.

Backwaters - Prime Attraction

Kerala is cuddled between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea and thus has developed its own lifestyle and traditions and it is unique in the entire world. The presence of backwaters here is the prime attraction and Alleppey tourism is greatly centered on it. Honeymooners, couples, friends, families, co-workers and organisations flock here to enjoy the aromatic feelings provided by backwaters here. Backwater tourism is fully developed here and houseboats and Shikara boat Alleppey are the captivating elements for tourists here. Shikara boats are a budget-friendly option for everyone visiting Kerala. Compared to houseboat cruise Shikara rides are less in time. A Shikara boat can enter every nooks and corner of backwaters, especially in the network of canals, while houseboats concentrate mainly on the lakes here. Shikara boats can carry up to 20 tourists at a time and it supplies great experience for all of them as they can enjoy the wonders of nature from a close distance. Alleppey houseboats and Shikara boats offer wonderful moments of holiday experience for everyone.

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Shikara Boat Ride

A Shikara boat Alleppey takes you to the world of water, full of wonders and pleasures. The exceptional beauty of nature and the unique lifestyle of Kerala can be experienced from very closely from a Shikara boat and thus everyone visiting Alleppey make it a point to take a ride of these boats. A Shikara boat passes through lakes, canals, lagoons, rivers etc. in its course of the voyage. Traditional Kerala style houses, paddy fields, banana plantations, coir factories and villages, water lilies, temples, coconut plantations are some of the captivating scenes on the bank of the water bodies you travel. Shikara boats are beautifully decorated and have perfect seating arrangements. Alleppey backwaters are worth visiting and backwater cruise along with your dear and near ones will be memorable for the rest of your life. So, why do you wait? Contact a travel agent today and book your boat ride today. You can book your boat online. There are many reliable Shikara boat services online to be at your behest at any time of the day.

Dating the Nature with Shikara Boating Alleppey

Kerala is the most popular state in India that provides great priority to tourism development, especially backwater tourism and Shikara boating Alleppey is the most significant of all. Tourists and travellers can enjoy the lovely boat cruises over the beautiful backwaters and explore the most scintillating beauty of nature in its pristine form and the most popular and traditional lifestyle of Kerala. Shikara boating provides you with the opportunity to glide through scenic waterways and the experience it provides is beyond visual and verbal descriptions.

Chains of canals, lagoons, rivers and lakes that surround the Alleppey are known as backwaters and Shikara boating Alleppey is the most idyllic platform to celebrate your special moments such as honeymoon, birthdays, anniversaries, vacation, holidays and leisure time along with your dearest ones in life. The surrounding attractions of backwaters viewed from a Shikara boat can increase the joy of celebration and provide you the most thrilling moments in your life. Hence, it is worthy to take up a Shikara boat cruise in the pristine backwaters of Alleppey.

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Shikara boats are small forms of houseboats and they were earlier known as Kettuvallams. These floating boats moving in the scenic and serene water of backwaters and going for a Shikara a cruise, you will feel that you are floating in the lap of nature. While you travel in a Shikara boat, you can enjoy the charm of exclusive vegetations that can be found only in Kerala such as green paddy fields, coconut groves, banana plantations etc. from a close range. Blue sky and amazing serenity and peacefulness will add colours to your most enthusiastic and thrilling voyage. Historical monuments, other moving Kettuvallams, water birds and floating lilies etc. will provide you with the most captivating sight you have ever come across in your life.

Kerala is blessed with a large number of backwaters and thus one can find it in Kollam, Kozhikode, Kasaragode, Kannur, Alleppey, Kottayam, Trivandrum and in many other places of Kerala too. Alleppey has the most popular backwaters among them and the place is dearly known as 'Venice of the East'. Alleppey is the most sought after backwaters and Shikara boat rides in Kerala. The place is also famous for the snake boat race competitions held every year. It is a great experience for tourists visiting Alleppey at this time of the year. The snake boat race also has become the most spectacular event in the tourism sector of Kerala.

Shikara boating Alleppey is liked by tourists from all over the world because they can cruise in beautifully decorated boats as much as they want. The Shikara boats are made of wood and the roof is made of bamboo and coir ropes. All sides of a Shikara boat are open and therefore, tourists can sit comfortably in their seats and watch the surroundings.

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